What we Wash

  • Pool surrounds
  • Roof treatments
  • Moss & mould treatments
  • Paths & driveways
  • Pre-wash painting preparation
  • Building signage
  • Spider and bug treatments
  • Houses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Gutter & spouting
  • Decks & fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Car parks & tennis courts
  • Commercial windows

Our story began when Pete, who had been a dairy Farmer for many years decided to throw in the towel and start up a building washing business.

Pete set out with a can-do-mentality, 1 small domestic water blaster and an old 1982 truck he had painted orange and branded with Blast Away Guys stickers. His mission…. to get Northland spic and span.

His customers were impressed with the job he did and his hard work started to pay off as Blast Away Guys begun to make a name for itself. Word of mouth and repeat business meant work began to mount and before long Pete needed to bring in some helpers and invest in Utes, trucks, trailers and heavy duty, grunty water blasters and cleaning gear.

Now days Pete and the team can be found washing anything from granny’s little unit in Whangarei to a large shopping complex with a roof the size of 12 rugby fields or a building that's 10 stories high. Blast Away Guys is owned by husband and wife team Brya and Pete who live in Northland. Pete is very hands on and involved in the day to day running of the business.  Brya is responsible for the branding and marketing of the business as well as Health & Safety.

Meet the Team

Wendy A.K.A Brya’s Mum

After a successful career Wendy chose to embark on a slower life at Tutakaka. (or so she thought) 😊 Blast Away Guys kept growing and we were struggling to keep up with managing the workload so we asked Wendy if she would help with some health and safety procedures. A year and a half later, she has become an invaluable member of the team. She is committed to making sure every job is given love no matter how big or small and that the result is of a high standard. Wendy is well known for her big heart and how much she gives to others whether they are family, a friend, or a stranger.

"Hi I’m Wendy and it is me you will speak to when you call Blast Away Guys. We may also meet when I visit your property to quote on your work. I manage the Northland Blast Away Guys business and am in contact with our Auckland team of guys managed by Pete. These guys all live in Northland and predominantly work in the Auckland area on commercial projects. The “gold” in this business is the culture that has been created by the Blast Away Guys directors. We operate as a large family and are always there for our collective customers and each other. I look forward to speaking with you about any home or work jobs you might have coming up."

Jeffery A.K.A Liam

Loyalty, positivity, and attention to detail sums Jeffery up to a tee. He always turns up to work 15 to 20 minutes early and is amazing with clients. He has loads of initiative and is always one step ahead. He is a kind giving guy that is always looking for ways to help everyone, a team member, a client, or a stranger. He is a ginormous asset to the Blast Away Guys team.

"I really enjoy my job because we get to travel around every day and no one day is the same. We get to wash ginormous buildings that have roofs the size of 12 football fields which is really gratifying. It is also cool turning up at a building that looks battered and run down and seeing the transformation after we have finished with it. Work does not feel like work because we have so much fun within the team. My team are like family."

Pete A.K.A Pete

Pete is genius when it comes to problem solving, ingenuity and resourcefulness. He is constantly thinking “how can we do this better” He is very much a people person, is kind and relates well to people from all walks of life.

"I get genuine enjoyment from the work that we do and making people happy. I love the look on a client’s face when they see the finished results of a job we have worked on. Many of the large commercial jobs we work on are complex and require thinking through and forward planning which I enjoy. I get a kick out of the challenges of working on a complicated and intricate historical buildings as well as ginormous commercial buildings. At the other end of the scale, it is also such a great feeling when we complete the wash of a house for an elderly person who is thrilled to bits with the job we have done. I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing team. They are loyal, hardworking and care about the outcome of the work they do for clients. We constantly receive feedback from clients about how wonderful the team are and what a great was done."

Brett A.K.A James

James is loaded with personality and always has a great big contagious smile. He is thoughtful and looks at problems from a variety of angles to come up with the best solution to get the job done to the highest standard. He is mechanically minded and a great person to bounce ideas off.

"I really like to see things clean. I also love it when we are working away at night and find a bit that Pete missed. :) :) The work we do is so different from job to job and I enjoy working through the best way to tackle washing a building. The approach we use to wash an historic church for instance is vastly different to that of washing a massive multi-level building."

Sparky A.K.A Ray

Ray is hands down the comedian of the team. When the guys are tired after washing a massive commercial building in Auckland, he lifts their spirits and has them in fits of laughter. He is amazing when it comes to working at heights. He has no fear of heights whatsoever and is a total roof monkey. He always goes the extra mile for clients and is driven by doing an immaculate job that has clients raving about his workmanship.

"I have been with Blast Away Guys for five years now. There are so many things that I love about my job, I do not know where to start. I love getting up and working on a roof early in the morning and seeing the sun come up. We have an awesome culture, and everyone is a team player and is dedicated to pulling their weight. We get to wash some unusual buildings in Auckland which is always a buzz. We also do not just do building washing we are often doing repair work which is a great way to mix things up. My partner Kylie comes to work with me and helps wash buildings from time to time which is cool. I also really enjoy the clients we get to work with and the awesome relationships we build with them."

The Machine A.K.A Steve

We call Steve "the machine" because he is an extremely hard and consistent worker. He takes pride in his work which has clients consistently praise him for for his hard work and attention to detail. He is not a big talker, has a gentle nature and is keen to do anything to make people happy. He has been with Blast Away Guys for 4 years and we are so grateful and lucky to have him in the team.

"Joining the Blast Away Guys team this one is the best things I’ve done from a work perspective. Everyone really looks after each other and we have a lot of fun together. No day is the same and I enjoy helping people out and In seeing how stoked they are when the job is finished and the house or building wash looks so much better as a result of the work we’ve done."


Brya is responsible for the marketing, branding and Health and Safety. She is loaded with creative talent and is always coming up with creative ideas to help market Blast Away Guys. She is responsible for the initiative called “Good Deeds Time” which involves Blast Away Guys using their superpowers for good and helping people in need out. Northlanders get asked to nominate somebody who could do with a helping hand. Maybe they needed some firewood split or stacked, some leaves racked, their lawns mowed, or some gardening done. The initiative is a huge success and a win – win for all. Not only do we help people in the community out, the team’s morale soars as a result of doing good deeds.

“We have since taken the “Good Deeds” initiative further, so that now whenever we come across someone who could use a helping hand, we provide our services for free. This does not need to be water blasting or property washing related. It can be help of any kind. If you or someone you know could do with a helping hand please get in contact.”

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